On behalf of the Executive Council of the Asian Racing Federation (ARF), it is with great pleasure that I invite you to attend the 38th Asian Racing Conference (ARC) to be held in Cape Town, South Africa from 18th February to 23rd February, 2020.

The enduring hallmark of the ARCs is their capacity to consistently provide a stimulating marketplace of ideas, and to act as a platform to launch innovations which shape our global sport. They are a renowned forum for industry leaders from around the world to meet together, to identify emerging issues, and to develop new strategies.

At the 37th ARC held in Korea in May 2018, we explored the key elements which constitute a global brand of racing. In doing so, we emphasised the importance of supporting wagering as the lifeblood of our sport, our need to focus on developing our fan base, and the absolute imperatives of ensuring the integrity of racing and horse welfare. Further, the 37th ARC considered how our sport needs to provide an articulated offering, being one that creates an emotional connection for its participants, especially with the equine athletes.

Racing has significant potential for transformational growth and innovation across all areas of the sport. Through the ARCs, the ARF has a proud history of highlighting and driving a broad range of value-creating initiatives, from sophisticated wagering strategies, commingling arrangements, to world-class digital fan engagement approaches, to developing new ways to protect intellectual property rights. Further, the ARCs have elevated the importance of integrity and equine welfare which are fundamental to the reputation and existence of our sport.

Set in a country which is itself making a major drive to unlock its significant potential to be a global destination for racing and breeding, the 38th ARC in South Africa provides an exceptional opportunity to consider pressing issues, and to identify and develop the key strategies for the future of our sport.

I look forward to seeing you in the magnificent and vibrant city of Cape Town in February 2020.

I am sure that the 38th ARC will be full of energy and interest across both the business and social programmes, and will continue the important work of the ARCs.


Chairman, Asian Racing Federation